Project 3: Udacity Racer

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Module 3: Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript

The last module in the Nanodegree introduces asynchronous programming in JavaScript.

Project Link: UdaciRacer Repo

  • Pros: Interesting project, good example of starter asynchronous code
  • Cons: Very short project

Asynchronous Programming with JavaScript

The modules in this section of the Nanodegree cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Asynchronous Programming
  • Synchronous Concepts and Asynchronous Callbacks
  • Sequence Events - Promises
  • Sequence Events - Async/Await
  • Project: UdaciRacer Simulator

In the final project of the course, you create a motor racing game. The project udacity racer is a short programming task as already written for you.

While the project is quite fun and has lots of potential for expansion. The project is a little short and doesnt really require too much from the student. A lot of the code is boilerplate, so its really just trying to get you to understand in which situation you need various commands.

If you already know Javascript, this project wont pose too much of a challenge.

Start Screen

Racer Introduction Screen:inline

Race Screen

Race Selection Screen:inline

Game in Action

UdaciRacer Screen:inline