Project 2: Mars Rover

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Module 2: Functional Programming

The second project involves working with APIs to access Nasa Mars Rover data.

Project Link: Mars Rover Repo

  • Pros: Very enjoyable and educational project
  • Cons: Content is long and I didn't really feel engaged until I started working on the project.

Functional Programming

Learn Functional programming

  • Course Introduction: Functional Programming
  • Introduction to Functional Programming
  • Functional JavaScript Syntax
  • Functional Programming in JavaScript
  • Going Further with Functional JavaScript
  • Project: Mars Dashboard

In this second module you learn Functional programming. Again, there is a lot of course material. The training content isnt very interactive, and there is a lot to go through. However, the material is a decent overview of Functional programming and also provides some good links to continue researching into the subject matter.

A lot of ground covered in this module leads up to a really interesting project. The Mars Rover project utilises the NASA API and requires the student to write an application to access the information and display it.

I was really getting into the course by this point, so I really went for it with the project. Unfortunately, the emphasis for this project was to focus on mobile development first. I dont feel this added much to the project, but I can appreciate why it was done in this way.

Mars Rovers

Mars Rover Introduction Screen:inline