Project 1: Dinosaurs

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Module 1: Object Orientated JavaScript

The first project involves building an infographic based on Dinosaurs.

Project Link: Dinosaurs Infographic Repo

  • Pros: Enjoyable project, nice development project
  • Cons: Training content is quite dull and the quizzes lacked quality control

Object Oriented JavaScript

The modules in this section of the Nanodegree cover the following topics:

  • Objects in Depth
  • Functions at Runtime
  • Classes and Objects
  • Object-Oriented Design Patterns
  • Project: Dinosaurs

In the first module you learn the basics of JavaScript and how to build a simple application. The project demonstrates how to work with the Document Object Model using JavaScript. In the exercises the base code is provided and you are required to update it. In the module end project you are asked to dynamically build the infographic by updating the DOM.

Overall I really enjoyed this module. It covers some really interesting areas of development. The project was definitely a highlight and represents a nice small application that demonstrates lots of useful techniques.

If you already know JavaScript, both the content and the project might not present too much of a challenge.


Dinosaurs Introduction Screen:inline