Getting started with Pack + Buildpacks

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How to use Buildpacks on ChromeOS (Debian Buster).

What is a buildpack?

"A buildpack is something you’ve probably leveraged without knowing, as they’re currently being used in many cloud platforms. A buildpack’s job is to gather everything your app needs to build and run, and it often does this job quickly and quietly. That said, while buildpacks are often a behind-the-scenes detail, they are at the heart of transforming your source code into a runnable app image."

System Requirements

  • Docker
  • Pack

Buildpacks release

  1. Check out the pack releases Link

  2. Set an environment variable to the version required

  1. The environment variable will now be referenced as $VERSION


  1. Install the Pack utility on debian based on environment variable $VERSION (see above)
1(curl -sSL "$VERSION/pack-$VERSION-linux.tgz" | sudo tar -C /usr/local/bin/ --no-same-owner -xzv pack)
  1. Check the version matches the installation expectation
1pack version
  1. View the available builders
1pack builder suggest
  1. Set the pack default builder
1pack config default-builder
  1. To build a container do the following

NOTE: Replace IMAGE_NAME with the name (and Version Tag) to be assigned e.g. my-container:1.0

1pack build [IMAGE_NAME] --builder

Your system is now set up to use buildpacks!